Pre-meeting Questionnaire

By filling in the following questionnaire it will help us to understand your needs, your requirement and where are you now, where do you want to be and we will be in a better position to help you to get there.

Please answer as appropriate and where more info needed provide as much as you can. Do you need any help? Please call us on 00964 750 350 9781

Goal / Objective

1. Is this is a new project or redevelopment of an existing website ? Existing New

2. What services you are interested in ?

   CmailMe solutions Domain Name Website Design All services

3. Do you have a deadline for the project ?

Target audience

1. Who is the target audience for your website ?

2. When people visit your website what would they want?
(information about yours shows, channel, to be entertain etc..)

3. What are the three websites you visited and you liked them

4. What do you like about these sites?
Colour scheme Logo Functionality Friendly and ease of use Text and images Layout
Speed of browsing All the above

Design Components

1. What look do you prefer? What type of ambience or "personality" would you like your website to project?

2. Do you have certain colours associated with your website(logo)? If so, please list them in order of priority :

3. Do you have any existing graphic or promotional meterials ?


1. Do you have an outline of the content for your site?
2. Do you have a logo ? Yes No

3. Do you want us to design one for you ?

4. Do you want to include video?

5. Do you want to search features?


1. What special functions will you need for your website ?
(dicussion forum, blog, shopping cart etc..)


1. When would you like to your website to be live?


£3000-£5000 £5000-£10,000 £10,000-£50,000 £50,000+

Any other info please write as much as you want in this

I am authorising person for my website project
Business Name:
I prefer to be contacted by:
Email Text Telephone Writing

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As owner of the very successful Meer Fashions store I found it imperative to target wider area of customers by moving our business online. View IT Support was recommended to us and we could not have chosen a better service provider from initial meetings all the way to the completion of our project. The whole team at View demonstrated to be very understanding about our needs and extremely impressive in their communication and very accurate in delivering their promises and deliveries of the project. Now we have a very impressive and fully functional website that we entirely rely on for our online business. View IT Support also gave us peace of mind by hosting the site for us,

Mr. M. Meer, Owner and SEO of Meer Fashions ,