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Without our customers we would not be in business. Unlike other IT service providers, we don't tie our customers in with long-term contracts; we have to survive on our quality of service. It is in our interest to keep your business thriving by keeping your IT department at its optimum performance all the time. IT works.

From our decades of experience in the IT field, supporting hundreds of companies in and around London, we found that businesses fall into two categories when it comes to IT needs: those big enough to have their own IT department, and those who are too small to afford one. At ATC we believe that every business, even small or micro companies, should have access to the same level of support and expertise as and when they need it. This is where ATC can help. We become small businesses’ IT departments, providing a one stop shop for all their IT needs, so they can enjoy all the benefits that big businesses gain from their IT departments. We can also be part of the IT department of a big business, so that they can use our expertise for the projects they don’t have resources for, or just outsource some of their services such as backup or website maintenance. In this economic turmoil it makes sense to outsource your IT department to us and save your company thousands of pounds.

What makes us unique is that 70% of our customers come to us through recommendations. We often ask, why us? Trust, reliability, delivering on promises, professionalism, and responsiveness are the words we hear in reply, but don’t take our word for it - check out their testimonials yourself.

We are not just a service provider, we see ourselves as your IT department except you don't pay our overheads. Instead, you pay only one fee which is a fraction of what you would pay for employing a single person to look after your IT.

Our mission is:
"To deliver excellent, accessible IT Support services and keep your computers working smoothly so that you focus on your core business."
Our key objectives are:
Becoming a single platform that is a centre of excellence providing all the IT needs of small and medium sized businesses
Providing excellent IT support
We are aware of the needs of all our customers and up to date on all the latest technology out there that can serve our customers better
We are open and honest with our customers, with our staff, and our business partners
Achieving targets and delivering on our promises whilst being cost conscious
Working with our customers and respecting their views and those of our staff and partners

But don’t just take our word for it, read testimonials from people who are satisfied with ATC's service and have saved thousands of pounds.

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  • Tel: ++9647 50350 9781
  • email: info@myatc.biz
  • 24hours technical support by ticket

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